BEARUNION is an open source social community with a fundamental commitment to integrity, honesty and transparency.

BEARUNION holds one key principle guiding every decision - it is a network for people. This means that we shall only enable features that benefit end-users, make the experience better for the members and improve overall satisfaction with the service.

BEARUNION supports the interests of the users as first priority. This community is built on an open source platform, and the publishers are passionate about maintaining the privacy of your personal information keeping our motives open and transparent.

BEARUNION supports and open and free internet, where individuals retain full ownership of their digital identity and content. We honour all the commitments of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) currently under developing and we absolutely commit to not utilising or on-selling your personal data in any way. We maintain a commitment to keeping the BEARUNION platform free from advertising and unsolicited communications.

A social network value is entirely dependent on members and the content they create. We do not own the content or the members - BEARUNION belongs to everyone who contributes to it and our goal is to keep users in control.

BEARUNION community maintains a strong commitment to social tolerance and compassion. Harassment and vilification based on colour, creed, identity or association will not be tolerated in any way.

This is an inspiring and safe place where social humans can connect and collaborate. So sign up, meet new people, discuss your ideas, share your stories, get involved.

The Internet is what YOU make it. Make it good.